My entry for Jon Allen’s Night & Day music video contest. I knew I wanted to make something for this when I stumbled upon it; we had a very short timeframe to work with and so we did mostly everything guerilla style. I really just wanted to make something and I’m glad we were able to finish in time to submit something for the contest. Enjoy!

Dan x Kate Bennett Half Moon Bay Wedding

Had a lot of fun shooting this one :)

Kevin x Cassandra’s wedding film. 

A little snippet from a wedding film I shot with my buddy @kesnault some time ago. Video can be found in my bio. Watch it iffff you want, let me know what you think, and then get off your phone and go love somebody 😚❤️💙 @justinbieber #BAKER3birdyshot #filmisnotdead #ohwaitthisisdigital #digimon


Christian and Jose

Fun times and a free dinner with these three in SR tonight.

Christian, Amber, Kim

My grandma recently got a minor eye surgery. She’s fine, but she has to wear these sunglasses at all times and I think it’s hilarious. Grandma pack.

5/16/14 Jen’s birthday

A video I made with my friend Hakwoo of him covering Bob Dylan’s “To Make You Feel My Love.” I met him during my Fall quarter this year and he was this very reserved kid who spoke with broken english. He’s come a long way :) Check it out, like it, hate it, subscribe you must yoda ohmmmm

I remember listening to this song a year ago and wanting to learn it so badly, but it was way too hard for me. Kinda sucks still, but it’s getting thurrr