Gonna start bringing the Canon around again and take random photos of our adventures. 


This is a segment that I did with @kevinjissupkim and we made this simply because we thought it was important. Richard Linklater said that humans are storytelling animals and I agree. We talk and tell stories everyday, but oftentimes the stories that show vulnerable moments in our lives are kept hidden because they don’t make for comfortable conversation. In my opinion, the world has conditioned us to stifle feelings of vulnerability and pain because they’re portrayed as signs of weakness. However, I realized that those emotions and the stories and experiences that trigger them are what stimulate our growth as people; they increase our capacity to feel and empathize with one another as human beings because they’re universal feelings that we all share. But because these stories are set aside, we tend to focus more on the trivial matters of the everyday and things that the world tells us are important — reputation, parties, girls, guys, college prestige (especially being from Fremont, lame) etc. That is basically what this is. I want people to be able to tell stories and experiences in their own perspective that are deemed “too personal” that have molded them into the person they are today. I was afraid that the meaning behind all this would be misconstrued as a cry for attention or sympathy, but we think it’s important and this is something I hope to do for a long time with different people. I’m not sure how to carry on about that yet, but I’ll figure it out. Oh, and I also wanted to capture a little bit about Warm Springs and what it means to Kevin because the area played a huge part in both of our lives, more his :) #recollect #bestdude #kevinkim #linkinbio



I recently ran a music video contest for OK! Good Records, giving aspiring filmmakers a chance to create the official music video for "Night & Day" by Jon Allen. Judged by Jon Allen and the staff of OK! Good Records the Top 3 video entries earned their directors prizes, along with being featured on our YouTube Channel.

I’m proud to announce that our winning video came from 19-year-old film student Sean Wang, who will be starting at USC School of Cinematic Arts in the fall. Check out Sean’s video above and Click Here to view all the winners.

Support Independent Music | Support Independent Film

Check out Sean’s winning video from our "Night & Day Music" Music Video Contest, and Click Here to view all our finalists. Huge thanks to all of our contributing directors!

My entry for Jon Allen’s Night & Day music video contest. I knew I wanted to make something for this when I stumbled upon it; we had a very short timeframe to work with and so we did mostly everything guerilla style. I really just wanted to make something and I’m glad we were able to finish in time to submit something for the contest. Enjoy!

Dan x Kate Bennett Half Moon Bay Wedding

Had a lot of fun shooting this one :)

Kevin x Cassandra’s wedding film. 

A little snippet from a wedding film I shot with my buddy @kesnault some time ago. Video can be found in my bio. Watch it iffff you want, let me know what you think, and then get off your phone and go love somebody 😚❤️💙 @justinbieber #BAKER3birdyshot #filmisnotdead #ohwaitthisisdigital #digimon


Christian and Jose

Fun times and a free dinner with these three in SR tonight.

Christian, Amber, Kim