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4.15.14, 1:01 AM: Hoppin’ on that Lunar Eclipse “Blood Moon” Bandwagon. Got out of bed, did a quicky 20 sec exposure. I wasn’t patient enough to get anything great. View from Los Gatos, CA, USA.
©Jennifer R. Biggerstaff

Ja man


4.15.14, 1:01 AM: Hoppin’ on that Lunar Eclipse “Blood Moon” Bandwagon. Got out of bed, did a quicky 20 sec exposure. I wasn’t patient enough to get anything great. View from Los Gatos, CA, USA.

©Jennifer R. Biggerstaff

Ja man

Anonymous asked: you are a fantastic writer. hope to see more of it in the future!

Thank you whoever you are! I really appreciate it. 


"The months following were a period of actual reverie and exploration. Allie and I spent the better part of our days together and if I had a grain of sand for every treasured moment we shared, I wouldn’t have my own personal beach, but I would have a lot of fucking sand. I think I finally understand what J.D Salinger meant — how every time girls do something pretty, even if they’re not necessarily pretty, you lose yourself in a whirlwind of infatuation. But, Allie was beautiful, and almost everything she did was beautiful. The way she scrunched her left eye shut just a bit more than her right when she yawned, how her teeth created a rhythmic chatter in December cold (don’t worry, I gave her my jacket afterwards), and how just her tired voice over the phone could make me smile helplessly. It was like magic. Allie was magical. We were magical. We exchanged virginities on the corner of Grimmer and Sundance street — fucked in the backseat of my (well, my parent’s) 2001 Honda Civic. That…was not magical. It was sticky and sweaty. My leg cramped halfway through, sending a searing pain up and across my thigh, towards my groin. I yelled. She thought I came. I shoved her off me and jolted out of the car — butt naked, fully erect — and stanky legged my cramp away. I think I saw an elderly couple walking their dog. We kept fucking. I came. It was not magical. It was sticky and sweaty, smelly and gross. But, she was still beautiful and I loved it. Man was he right. Girls can drive you crazy. They really can."

     This is a little passage from a short story I wrote for my fiction writing class last quarter; i’ve written a couple short stories in high school for english class, but this is probably the first novelistic creative writing endeavor that I took seriously. The idea came from my observation of modern day relationships from people my age (late teens, early 20’s) — how so many people seem to think that being in a relationship will solve all their problems. They think that being able to find solace in another person will cure their loneliness or depression and their insecurities will just disappear; however, from what I notice at least, most people don’t seem to realize that their romantic partner isn’t a clean canvas, and that they have their own problems and emotional insecurities. It seems like most relationships are great in the honeymoon phase because you’re learning about each other and you’re (probably) lost in this whirlwind of sex; but, when you start learning about each other’s “baggages,” the relationship slowly goes downhill — that’s something I feel like most people my age don’t think about when they throw themselves in a relationship. That’s what this story is about and I feel like the passage above accurately represents the tone of the story. My friend Dustin told me to name the main character Dustin, so I did, and I incorporated a lot of his actual traits into the character hehehehehehehahgalskghslghlg. The story is below and it’s about 11 pages in microsoft word pages if you are boreddDD.

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4/11/14 - Board meeting!! Just took my camera out and took some random photos.

Dan, Gnarvin, and some dude.


I was freaking out when I first saw that e-mail and I kept it mostly to myself because I didn’t want to jinx anything haha. This weekend was really cool. UCLA is beautiful and so is USC. Got to visit Maira and she showed me around. I really wanted to go to UCLA when I first started De Anza, but I read that they only accepted fifteen transfer students, so part of me shut that option out and a small part of me thought maybe it could happen. I get really anxious thinking about it now that there’s a possibility that it could. It’s kinda scary wanting something so badly.


Isn’t it weird hanging out with people you have always knew/heard notoriously about but never personally spoken a word to each other yet, comfortably there are a few who understand how the strangeness is only barracked from a simple hello and the ease follows the rest.


Anonymous asked: will you go to prom with me


Christian and I’s cover of Clairvoyant by The Story So Far. It’s a tough song to sing and we made a couple mistakes here and there, but we had a fun time learning and recording this, so enjoy & subscribe yajajayayaja! (repost from before)

Christian and I are going to attempt to cover this song tomorrow. Practicing it while waiting for something to export. I can’t figure out how to play it where I’m able to breathe. This song’s hard. Tomorrow is Monday. 

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